About Us : The Watering Oasis Global Mission The Watering Oasis Mission Body is a philanthropic organization created to setting up holistic (social, economic and educational ) events that bring encouragement to the most disadvantaged communities in USA, Africa and throughout the globe, promoting sustainable lifestyle practices that help those in search of a better life find refuge in its programs and services.

WOG sponsors CCC-WO: Counselor's/Staff and WSU University Clinical Counseling Students visit CCC Orphanage Site. Above Photo, CCC-WO partnership right photo. Rehabilitation site student trip : Prof. Craig and Saleendran join MS Clinical Counseling student in-service/visit at rehabilitation site. (Photo above on left)

CCC-WO is a recipient of funding from Watering Oasis Global Inc.  CCC-WO services counseling needs in Ethiopia, targeting Orphans, Women Challenges including HIV counseling, Life-skills training, and Education.  WOG also assist/donates to Group Homes, Women Shelters and setting up distribution of funds with new partnership via Dukes-Way Academy in Atlanta Georgia.

Professor Craig reviews Ophan and Women challenges as well as Crises Facing Humanity on Signs of The Times Television Program

Professor Craig, CEO, Bishop C. Jones and Professor Fey (MIT, retired) , are progressively discussing and working on resolving children and women challenges such as HIV, teenage pregnancy as well as orphan related issues in Ethiopia, Liberia and locally(USA). 

Professor Craig and Staff (Including MS. Clinical Counseling students) interact with CCC Orphanage. The Counseling Program initiated by CCC-WO and funded by WOG is in the process of starting with your help.

CCC-WO , with experienced CBT trained counselors, depend on DONATIONS FROM Watering Oasis Global to support counseling in Addiss, Woliata Sodo, Shashamanee and Hawassa Ethiopia. 

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